Logica Lighting Controls designs and manufactures digital lighting control systems using wireless controls for commercial, governmental and institutional facilities.

Our patented Logica Lighting Control technology is based on using distributed intelligence. By using embedded microprocessors at the front end controls and a receiving microprocessor in the fixture all of our controls are digital. There is no need for relay racks, central control panels, room controls or dimmers. Our system works with LED’s, fluorescents, T8 and T5 and HID fixtures.

Our products integrate digital control for lighting using microprocessors inside of light fixtures to control light levels.

Logica's digital lighting control microprocessors communicate using wires or wirelessly with building energy management systems (EMS). There is no need for additional wiring or extensive labor costs.

For smaller facilities, Logica lighting systems use existing switches and wiring to provide bi-level and multilevel lighting. Just by changing a ballast you can have 2 or more light levels in a room. Our products can be installed in a single room, or a group of rooms, using existing wiring and controlled with existing switches.

If you are seeking a cost-effective, eco-friendly, lighting system for your organization, Logica Lighting Controls has the digital lighting control technology you’ve been looking for.

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How Does Our System Work


Logica Lighting System is state of the art and requires no additional wiring to the location. Simple, Inexpensive & Reliable!

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