LED Lighting Upgrade Turnkey Service

Our main goals are to save businesses money on their electrical energy and reduce maintenance on the lighting fixtures in the building.  We also improve the quality of the lighting.  This improvement in the quality of the LED’s lighting is not only a better color to the lighting but also reducing the glare from the fixtures.

Our service is simple.  We do an assessment of your existing lighting and calculate what the lighting you have in place costs you.  We then present you with a plan to provide you with the amount of light needed for each area and task in your facility using the latest and most efficient LED sources.  We then present the savings using the proposed LED Lighting and provide you with the payback from the energy savings.

Our Service Process Plan is a step by step system that is very precise and complete.  It consists of what is needed to provide you with the information needed for you to understand the LED conversion process.  It tells you how we gather the facts needed, and then we present you with a comprehensive report.  We will make a presentation and answer all your questions, so you understand the proposal.

We are a service company.  We offer a service to any business that wants to improve their lighting, save money on their electrical bill, reduce the maintenance cost of changing light bulbs and ballasts.

We provide a turnkey service.  We do all the work. We provide the products that will do the best job of providing the light that the owner needs, we will arrange the installation, we will file all the forms for the rebate and financing.  The owner of the business has enough to do to run their business.

Owners want to save money, but don’t want to take time away from the business to figure out what LED’s are right for them and to devote time to ordering them and getting them installed.  Even if they did all of that, they might not have the time to file all the rebate papers.

This lighting upgrade should be considered maintenance and not a capital improvement.  Since it is self-liquidating there is no extra financing needed. The financing we offer is a “swing loan” that maintains the current cash flow giving the energy savings time to save enough money to pay for the LED’s.

Our service includes providing the business owner an accurate cost of what his lighting energy costs him every month.  This is a number that he doesn’t have now as his electric bill is a lump sum of the electricity he uses in a month.

Our service consists of the following action steps:

  1. Our service is available to any business
  2. We offer them the service of an LED lighting upgrade proposal at NO COST to them.
  3. We convert every light in their facility to LED’s.
  4. LED’s light sources give the maximum energy savings for lighting.
  5. The power company will pay for part of the upgrade. This money is GIVEN as an incentive to save energy that is mandated by the government.
  6. The balance of the cost of the upgrade can be financed, sometimes by the power company at low interest.
  7. The payments on the financed amount are equal to the saving generated by the new LED lighting.
  8. This is truly a WIN/WIN situation.
  9. The service we are providing helps the environment, the economy, the customer and you.

The technical innovation of LED lighting technology is irrefutable.  The mixing joining of two metals and passing current through them to produce light is a truly marvelous discovery.  We didn’t invent it, but we are on the cutting edge of applying it to lighting.  The amount of light produced per lumen is a great improvement over incandescent, fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps.